About Us...

Autosenex is a service provided by Imperium Informatics Ltd.

The Autosenex team comprises of programmers, developers and designers that have worked together on many projects.

Lee Herron is the head of Imperium Informatics. He worked recently for Sage and is now a registered Sage Developer. His background includes working as a Financial Controller in Denmark, as well as a number of Management Accounting, Management Information and Business Intelligence Roles in the UK. He is the driving force behind Autosenex and Imperium Informatics's business management software, Imperium XI.

Declan Butterfield is the head of Autosenex Devlopment Coordination, acting as the intermediary between customers and programmers. His background includes working as a Financial Analyst in Germany and working on Systems Integration (moving data) between different software, as a developer.

We have a stable of consultant programmers that we hire on an as-needed basis to help deal with work bottle-necks. During times of low-demand our cost structure therefore remains low, so that we can provide good value to all our clients.