Case Studies...

An example of how Autosenex could help your business:

The parent company of a chain of retail outlets was keypunching their sales data into excel, and then manually adding that data into Sage. Each week their retail stores would send output figures from their Point of Sale (POS) till system to their central HQ. The accounts team that received these figures, manually summed the sales amounts to produce subtotals. These subtotals were then keypunched into Sage 50, via manual journal.

This created several problems for management. By summarising its sales data in this way, the organisation was losing a significant amount of detail. The kind of overview which could and should have been analysed to improve revenues: What products are selling right now? How is store A comparing with store B in sales of Product X? Are there obvious peaks and troughs, from day-to-day and store-to-store, where more-or-fewer staff-members would be preferable?

Points Of Failure

Additionally, there were two points of failure in the old process:

1. When the raw source numbers were added-up to make subtotals. The sheer volume of sales records meant that mistakes were inevitable when these records are key-punched into excel.

2. When the subtotals were entered into Sage.

As both those steps were manual, the same problems occurred constantly. Records get missed. Sales ID numbers and values get “misaligned.” Digits get transposed (e.g. 161 becomes 611) as they're being typed. The simple fact is that people make mistakes. And when they got to the end of several days of keypunching, they couldn't immediately tell where the mistakes were. All they could say is that somewhere there are one or more errors. Time to go back and verify each figure, from the top.

Other Issues

This slow and labourious method threw-up other issues: The information wasn't timely. What if a trend emerges on Wednesday, that requires immediate intervention? If the data was only being consolidated once a week, the opportunity or threat went unaddressed. Sometimes for a week or more.

Our Service

Our Autosenex service provided a fully-customised and robust solution to these issues – in two days. An Excel workbook was produced, into which the data from the POS systems could be imported. Then, at the touch of a button, key data within the spreadsheet is checked & validated against Sage – and, as soon as it is validated, the complete sales detail automatically loaded into Sage.

The Result

The company now enjoys fantastic analytical capability using reporting from Sage: all the details, of all the products, from every retail-store. This has resulted in group-wide sales growth and cost savings based on previously unexploited trends, based on individual store data.