What can Autosenex Do?

Autosenex will load any digital source data into Sage, at the click of a button.

It normally takes 2 days or less for us to create a custom transfer of each of your data sources – e.g. “Sales” in the example below would normally have one source, so should take 2 days or less. You only pay us for our time. There are no on-going licensing payments to use Autosenex.

When we are done, you keep using Autosenex at no additional charge.

Why use Autosenex?

If someone is keypunching all your data into Sage 50 it is a labour-intensive and mind-numbing job. Worse still, during the process there will be mistakes and errors - nobody is perfect.

But, when input jobs are just TOO BIG, many companies only ever keypunch subtotals into Sage. The totals may be correct, but all the details about which specific products, regions, or retail-outlets are performing the best, or worst (and why) is lost when the data is summed before being put into Sage.

Losing detail means that you lose money.

What kind of financial data can we load into Sage?

We can load all kinds of basic data, plus some custom data into Sage for you.

  • Sales - The date, value and units of items sold, including details, for example, of where it was sold (if you have multiple retail outlets). We might add custom data, such as which salesmen sold them, and what commission they earned – if you needed that.
  • Purchases - Date, volume, price, etc. plus any custom data. Automatically uploading Sales and Purchases means that you can produce key HMRC submissions, such as Quarterly VAT submissions, from Sage 50 Pro with a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Bank Transactions - Once you tell us which line items you want to associate with which transactions, Autosenex can load any of your bank transactions, taken direct from your bank's source data, into Sage. This kind of thing is a Godsend at your financial year-end. It can save you days and days of keypunch work (note – we'd ideally want to set this up months in advance of your year end submission deadline for Companies House).
  • Expenses - We can load Cost Centre, Nominal Code, amount (and VAT, if applicable). We can add further levels of analysis, as required: employee reference, transaction reference, transaction data, etc.
  • Contract setup and project costing - We can take your estimate of what the job's going to cost, broken down by cost centre. We can get the cost centre data, as well as the 'header' information, such as a project reference, name, description, customer, order number etc.
  • Stock management - Stock Management can be tracked using Sage's Goods Received Note (GRN), but that can be hard to use. What a lot of people do is make a simple spreadsheet that tracks their stock deliveries. We can use this to create a GRN in Sage, which has the wonderful advantage of connecting the goods-in to the purchase order - so the business can say "hang on, we ordered 40 of these - how come we've only had 5 delivered?" People can see delivery discrepancies before those discrepancies create problems.

    Anything Else?

    We can even do things like Product, where we create/import a list of your product details, or AssetRecord, where we upload your fixed assets. ANYTHING that can be got from a data source, and has to be put into Sage, we can do, and once we're done, you keep using it. If you aren't sure whether Autosenex can load something into Sage for you, just ask. We can even set it all up using test data, instead of “live” figures, so that we never see commercially-sensitive details that you wish to keep completely confidential.

    Autosenex will make your life easier

    You can cut down (or eliminate) human-error; cut down on year-end bottle-necks where you're trying to load a year's worth of data in 3 days; cut down on time wasted and stress and “where is that statement / where is that invoice” scramble to get things done before the deadline. We can set it up and test it, then you can run Autosenex a long time before any submission is due.

    What now?

    If you have data that you want to load into Sage in one click, Contact us and tell us what you need. Or, if you'd like to read more, please have a look at our Case Studies page for an example of Autosenex at work.